How to Use Apple HomePod Marketing to Grow Your Audience

How to Use Apple HomePod Marketing

The word is out—digital marketing is all about voice right now, and the use of smart speakers and Apple HomePod Marketing has drastically grown within the last year alone. In 2017, Amazon sold 20 million Alexa devices during the holidays. In 2016, Amazon sold just 4 million devices, meaning the demand for smart speakers in everyone’s household went up 16 million units. In just one year! Now, where do you think that number will go in 2018?

The answer is obvious—smart speakers are growing and becoming a necessity in a standard, modern household. They can make any task easier with the simplest of voice commands, and knowing where the power is when it comes to the future of technology is an integral part of the digital marketing world. We all know about Alexa, offered through Amazon, but what about other smart devices? Can we utilize that same power through things like Google and Apple products?

The short answer is yes! However, it’s not as easy or as seamless as it can be. It’s a work in progress, and I’ve got something up my sleeve to help make Apple HomePod marketing easier than you could imagine.

What is Apple HomePod Marketing?

Apple HomePod Marketing

An Apple HomePod is Apple’s version of a smart speaker, much like Alexa and Google Home. With assistance from everyone’s favorite AI assistant, Siri, you can perform small tasks as well as enjoy the high-quality sound from the HomePod’s speaker.

It doesn’t have all the functionality of other smart speakers, but it’s not supposed to—the angle, here, to have each one do something different. That way you can broaden your horizons and have a chance to share something unique on each smart speaker in a household. (For the record, it’s been recorded that homes have 3 – 5 smart speaker devices in separate rooms, giving you plenty of marketing space.)

Apple’s HomePod is aimed to give you insights into your life by knowing the space you place it in. When you purchase and set up your Apple HomePod, the device can scale what you’re listening to fit the room that you’re listening to it in. Additionally, with six microphones located around the small, sleek look of the speaker, the Apple HomePod can detect your voice from any length away, giving you free control and free range of what you do in your house and how you do it.

How to Use Apple HomePod Marketing Efficiently

How to Use Apple HomePod Marketing Efficiently

So now that we know what an Apple HomePod does, how can we efficiently use it in our marketing strategies? With the use of Amazon Flash Briefings, we can stream our daily marketing minutes into the households of millions of people. Though Amazon is connected with Alexa, there are wheels already turning to broadcast these Flash Briefings through other smart speakers, making the idea of Apple HomePod marketing a reality!

What is a flash briefing, you might ask? Well, when you own a smart speaker, you can enable things called “flash briefings” that give you a quick summary of current events, news, and other information that you personally choose from content creators that you subscribe to yourself. Being able to pick and choose what you listen to during your morning routine is important, and that’s why getting in on a marketing opportunity like this one is as vital and urgent as ever before.

When you create a flash briefing, you’re giving your audience a minute of your time to let them in on a top trick, tip, or topic that you’re well-versed in. This should be something you can talk about confidently and thoroughly for one minute before inviting these people back to your website to see your business for themselves and to get in on your exclusive marketing deals before it’s too late. Flash briefings give us a way directly into people’s homes without having to do much legwork and advertising to get there—in fact, people will be coming to you!

How can we ensure this success, though? You need to make sure that your marketing minute is easy to understand, clear in terms of audio, and something that people want to hear. With how often people are using smart speakers for their information in day-to-day life, getting in on Apple HomePod marketing while the market space is still available is a very easy way to reach out to a wider audience, as well as get a leg up against your competition.

Apple HomePod Marketing: Further Your Reach

Overall, it’s important for you to understand just how necessary it is to use this opportunity while it’s here. It’s the hottest thing in the digital marketing scene, and with how many people are currently using smart speakers in their household, not capitalizing on such an amazing venture just doesn’t make sense.

Apple HomePod Marketing is all about integration and using the strength of voice command and smart speakers to let people find you. Siri is one of the most popular AI assistants out there, and so put yourself in that mix and let yourself be a part of the conversation with Apple HomePod Marketing and Smart Speaker Hub!

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